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Firstly, welcome and thanks for signing up.

We created this forum in summer 2013, since when it has grown, grown, and then grown some more.  That's good.

"We" are the admins and mods who keep this place working.  There's a link to our contact details in another thread in this section.

We have rules and "behaviours" that we ask you to stick to.  There's a link to those in another thread too.  Note that there are some rules and guidelines that are specific to the Classifieds section.  Please read those BEFORE posting in the Classifieds as most of the complaints we get arise from problems in the Classifieds.

If you have a problem with a post, use the "Flag" control (in the top border of every post).  That brings it to the attention of a modmin.  We don't - we can't - read every post made on the forum, so don't assume that we've already seen something that's "wrong".

The forum is divided into a number of sections that are fairly self-explanatory.  Be careful when starting a new thread/discussion to start it in the correct section.  You can move threads between sections if necessary (click on the black cog wheel, top right of the post screen).  But, at the risk of stating the obvious;

For talking about gear, whether that's your guitars, an amp your interested in, an fx pedal you've got a problem with, etc.
There's also a strong interest in making & modding guitars, so that has a dedicated section.
The "made in the UK" section is for businesses to show off their stuff.

Advice on using the gear, for showing what you've created, for getting advice on techniques, etc
This section also has our range of "monthly challenges" - submit your riff, solo, (etc), for the chance to win

For selling, buying & trading.  Please read the separate guidelines on using this section.  We don't impose any minimum post count or membership time before you can post in the classifieds, but be aware that other members are more likely to deal with other members who've taken some time to join in with the community before trying to sell their stuff.

For talking about anything else that you want to talk about.  There's a lot of non-gear advice & discussion here.

At the top of the list of threads in each section are the stickies/announcements.  These are threads that are either useful, important, or both to the content of the section, so take time to read those.

There are a number of "how do I" threads in this section.  The main one is "how do I post pics" - the answer depends on where your pics are being hosted, and that thread covers the main hosting sites.  You can post pics and you can also post videos, soundclips (etc).  But none of that content is hosted on our severs - it needs to be on a server somewhere (YouTube, SoundCloud, etc) before you can post a link to it here.

There's a thread set-up solely to test stuff out.  If you want to make a test post, or experiment with posting pics, then do it here.  (Click on the hyperlink to go straight to the thread.)

As well as posting to the general membership, you can bring something to the specific attention of another member by using the "@" character directly before their username.  This "tags" them, and they'll receive a notification to say that they've been tagged in a post.  You can also use the Private Message (PM) system to have a private conversation with one - or more - members.  To send a PM, click on their username, which takes you to their profile page, from where you can click on the Message button (top right).  If you type a message in the text box on that page, it posts a message on their wall, which is public, and for which they won't receive an automatic notification.

An introduction to theFretBoard - why it is, how it works, who works it.

How to post pics 'n' stuff - how to embed multi-media content into posts here.

Post your stuff here - soundclips, videos, whatever you've done, post it here!

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  • TTonyTTony Frets: 19860
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    Tips, advice & help for buying, selling, shipping, etc. - a series of advice threads for safer buying, selling & shipping (includes eBay & PayPal)

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  • TTonyTTony Frets: 19860
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    A slight tweak to user permissions for new joiners.

    We're not aiming to be freeBay.  

    Whilst the Classifieds section is free to use, we consider them to be a benefit for the community.  To be able to use the (free) Classifieds section to list stuff for sale, you must first become a member of the community.

    Read the first post in this thread, and the threads that it links to.  Introduce yourself.  Join in the other discussions.  Get to know people here, and get to be known by them.  People will always be happier and more confident buying from someone who's taken the time to join the community rather than a stranger who appears only to have joined to  sell something.
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  • RolandRoland Frets: 4784
    Email. Please do not try to sign up with a Microsoft email account such as hotmail. Microsoft blocks any messages we try to send you, including your account validation email. This is Microsoft's problem, and nothing to do with the forum.
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