SOLD - Laney Linebacker 100 bass head & Marshall 4x10 bass cab

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I'm looking to sell my long serving bass amp, it's a Laney Linebacker 100 watt head and Marshall 4x10 bass cab. I bought them second hand from Johnny Roadhouse music around 12 years ago and the head was last serviced in 2004 by Academy of sound in Manchester

They've been lightly gigged although not for the last 9 or so years, there is some wear and tear on the cab covering, but nothing huge. The head is in perfect working order, but also shows signs of wear and tear, there are some missing indicators on the knobs and the power light has been pushed in by an annoying bandmate, but could easily be put back in place by someone with the ability to undo 5 screws.

I'm selling as I'm moving to an attic flat, and as much as I'd like to believe that I'd start gigging again, the effort of lugging it up three flights of stairs doesn't quite seem worth it.

I'd like about £200 for the lot, I'd also be happy to drive a reasonable distance from South East London to drop it off for that price. I can also split them, but I'd rather have both go TBH.

I'm also happy to take trades for smaller bass amps, as that's what I'm going to spend the cash on.

Thanks for looking!

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