(Truefire) Frank Vignola's Modern Method for Guitar

Hey guys :)

I've dabbled with Truefire on the past, and I really had good fun with the "Jazz Up Your Blues" lesson. The software is solid, and the amount of learning material, to me, is worthwhile.

Now, I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this particular course? I've been playing for ten years, and I know quite a bit, but there's a few holes here and there, plus some areas (most areas) which I could certainly improve my knowledge of both theory & neckcraft. Seems like the ideal place to go, given the format is a proven winner for me... Plus they have a "Save 40% on all courses" for the Thanksgiving, so from $49 down to $29 would be good indeed.

So, has anyone tried it? :) Would love to hear some feedback!

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