Chord Of The Week 14/12/13 - Moveable Octave shapes


We can have the discussion about 'Are octaves chords?' another time. Let's assume that they are, so we can put some chiming bell sounds into our lead lines this Christmas. Here are 4 different ways of playing root, octave and double octave in movable shapes.

Ab+8+15 4x6xx4
Ab+8+15 4xx1x4
Ab+8+15 4x6x9x
Ab+8+15 x 11 x 13 x 16

Obviously if you want to play a single octave you can any two notes next to each other in those three-note shapes!

What are your favourite moveable octave shapes?
Happy Chiming!

Teaser for next week: the most Christmassy chord in recorded history!
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