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Well this guitar started life 20 years ago, as I had a guitar shop, and I kept selling guitars that I wanted to use. So I had this idea that if I knocked up a guitar, it would have no real sale value so not worth selling.

So a mate was in and drew round a USA tele with a big permanent marker and said he would knock up a body and neck by next weekend. Well the body was made of Ash with a maple neck, and I had spare parts lying around so put it together, Bridge was a spare 6 saddle replacement which came with a 52 reissue, rest of stuff was just whatever was in including the top strap button from either an Aria ProII bass or an Ibanez, cant remember now.

Neck was always a bit too thin so I bought a Mighty Mite maple neck, which for some strange reason I stuck a X files badge into headstock.  As you do!

The B bender was made by looking at a pic from the ultimate guitar book, and sort of copying it, cost me a pint or two and some crisps. Originally made it out of aluminium but after using it for a year or two, made a proper stainless steel version.

I then had a mate offer to make me a body out of Ash and Spalted beech, so now I had a new neck and new body.

around this time about 2006-2007 I was really struggling to play as my hands were cramping up with Arthritus, so my mate Keith Robbins of KSR guitars offered to make me a new neck which would be much thicker, my brief was if you lay it on table with no machine heads on I do not want to see any light come though, in other words from Heel to back of headstock one straight line.

This much thicker neck did wonders for me, a lot less pain and cramps from playing as the larger diameters support the thumb area etc.

So now I am on 3rd neck and 2nd body, after about 20 odd pickups I have stayed with a Voodoo Broadcaster style pickup which is approx. 10.5 k or so. neck pickups was never happy so eventually made it into a Esquire. Around this time, I also struggled with wiring using a standard LP toggle switch so ended up hacking stuff about and putting a fender blade style switch in. Then I stained it with a mixture of cooking oil, 3 in 1, Boot polish, and some Danish oil as well I think!

so now it looks like this.

and here is my review.

As a guitar, I am very lucky it is resonant, and has definitely been improved tonally and sustain via latest neck. The body with such a lot of routing is light and easy to handle. The neck which everybody who tries it thinks is too big, but after using it for a while they all agree what a playable neck. Sounds? well the main thing for me was to get a standard tele tone, which is not thin, sharp clear and biting yes but not thin. I wired it with 50's style tone arrangement yet use a 500k for tone with a .02 as opposed to .05 cap. I find I do not use or like the treble bleed stuff, myself, but I needed extra sounds, so I have done a slight variation on the cocked wah/eldred mod, which although not a great clean sound when put with a TS style OD really screams LP Custom tone.

I have used this guitar in HR bands, Cabaret, Country and in my RnB band and it just works. I could never put a value on it as its a bit of a pigs ear, but it would cost me a fortune to replace, and it will be my last main guitar.

Hope you liked the story and can see why it has the name!


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