PRS Custom 24 - 2014 Wood Library Model

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Please see this thread first as there are many similarities: 

After buying that PRS... I came upon practically the same model but with a different top (violet burst), different grade wood (wood library - higher grade, apparently) and different pick-ups (59/09s). 

I bought this online knowing that it was going to pretty much be the same as my orange one, knowing PRS quality control. The top is stunning. When it hits the light it takes on so many different tones (see pics later). Honestly, I could just buy these guitars forever with different tops. 

The hardware is "mixed" on this (some gold in colour, others silver) which looks great. 

Originally came with covered 59/09 pickups but I swapped them out for uncovered 85/15s which I bought off a nice chap on this forum. These pick-ups split really well and have more output than the 57/08s but I think (!!) I prefer the 57/08s, only just. Ask me tomorrow and I might change my mind, so.... 

The neck on this has more "flame" and honestly, I jest not... it feels spongy and velvety in the best possible way. While I prefer playing the orange one.. on first touch, this feels absolutely sublime so perhaps that's the "wood library" part right there... 

The headstock is a nice classy colour (see pics) and the lampshade knobs are transparent (not orange like on my other model). 

Everything else is the same. Because it would be so expensive to find another like this I don't think I'd ever sell it - it's just too good! I'm not making things easy for myself....! I should weigh them both as I think (and I may be talking rubbish) this violet one is a tad heavier than the orange one. 

More info to follow. 

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