Ernie Ball Music Man guitar thread

Ah well....why not.  I've had a passion for these over the years and have owned a few. Down to two now as since chopping an imch off my middle finger I find the slightly wider necks on other brands slightly easier to adapt to. The two I still have though are keepers.

1999 Axis Supersport MM90 pickups and piezo. My first EBMM. Swapped a LP Deluxe for it which I could barely lift let alone play. Still got this one which left the factory on the day my Gran died, so a bit sentimental over it.

2005 Albert Lee. Originally with tortoise shell pickguard but swapped out for the Pearloid. Signed by Albert himself. I've got a photo of him wearing it somwehere. Not got this one anymore

Axis Super Sport 2007 Limited Edition. Black/gold hardware. This was a really versatile guitar which sounded great. Moved it on a few years ago. It now spends most of it's time on Ebay for Buy it Now £1500 !! A bit optimistic..I paid £700 for it in 2009.

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