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I bought this new in 2013 and not actually sure how much I want to part with this, however, as it is now not getting played (the 320e has taken over) it seems like it could be the right time to find it a new home.

I`m sure you all know how decent these are, everything is as it should be. The only point of note is a battle scar on the face where a smoke alarm of all things fell on it causing a dent and I put a tiny bit of varnish to reseal the wound and all is well, it is clearly visible though.

Sale wise, I was thinking £950 now £850  SOLD collected from Surrey, happy to meet within reason and trade wise I`m after a Les Paul  (Gibson or Japanese, Tokai etc) or a Martin of similar value, also interested in amps, offsets, 335's and Tele's.

Some pics:


On Hold - potentially  SOLD 

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