How to play this position?

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Hi all and happy new year :)

l wonder if I could ask everyone's opinion on something?  I have a disagreement with my teacher on how to play the natural minor position thus (starting on low E):

1, 3, 4
1, 3, 4
1, 3, 5
1, 3
1, 2, 4
1 (23, 4, etc)

The disagreement is over the D and G strings, I want to play as above, he suggests 1, 3 and then moving back a fret and playing 1, 2, 4.  It's a stretch, but I can play this scale more fluently my way than though his suggestion when doing anything other than scales.

He's a good player (and a nice bloke that doesn't post here so I feel safe not p*ssing him off by asking) but is my way wrong given that the change in position throws me off or should I keep practicing his way because his fingering is better for my technique in the long run?

Given the experience here I'll go with the consensus.

We're not at one with economy picking either but I'll leave that for another day!

(Edit due to viz spotting typo - thanks @viz)
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