Chord Of The Week 11/1/14 - Moveable Minor Triad Chords

bigjonbigjon Frets: 663
Formula 1 b3 5, eg in the key of Am a c e. 
There are moveable minor triad chords based on all 5 CAGED shapes, although the Cshape minor triad chord takes me so long to set up it's not really practical. However it's useful to have for reference as a basis for partial chords.

Dbm (Cshape) - x42124 (wrap your thumb round the bottom 2 strings)
Dbm (Ashape) - x46654
Dbm (Gshape) - 9x6999
Dbm (Eshape) - 9 11 11 9 9 9
Dbm (Dshape) - x x 11 13 14 12

What are your favourite moveable minor triad shapes?
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