*Withdrawn*: Redplate Blues Machine 66 with extra enclosure (smaller size) + cover

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Really hesitant to let this go, but its that time of year and last in first out and all that... 

For sale or trade, my Redplate Blues Machine 66

Really punchy and loud if you want it but the step down switches for half power and cathode/fixed bias really help to knock it down for smaller venues. 

The reverb is great and can be hard bypassed, along with the presence control.

2nd channel is a cascading dumble style affair with marshally flavours which can also be bypassed when clicked past zero - really nice - you can even bypass the tone as well for the "purest" sound, super clean and loads of headroom in that mode though!

Excellent "bloom" and smooth sustain regardless of gain. 

Its very very nice indeed and I'm not desperate to sell it but I've been using my heavily modified deluxe for everything recently and its a shame but the redplate just isn't being used. 

It was £2899 new I believe and im only looking for what it owes me if i did sell it which would be around the £1850 mark or thereabouts. 

I'm also looking for trades on either a small high end head (two rock, another redplate, carr etc) or a nice es335.







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