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I've decided this amazing instrument needs a more deserving home.  If you don't know who Atkin guitars are or what they're about then go here immediately:  http://atkinguitars.com/

My particular guitar is the J45.  It's based on the classic Gibson design but mine has Rosewood back and sides, and a sunburst finish.  Spec is as per this page http://atkinguitars.com/guitar/j45-rosewood-series/

 I bought it just over a year ago, and have pretty much babied it since then.  I've played it out at a couple of polite folk-club acoustic gigs, but that's it.  If you look closely you can see some very minor playing marks on the top (it's a very thin Nitro finish), but nothing alarming.  Comes with a snazzy cream coloured Hiscox case.

It sounds amazing.  A rich, deep tone that fills the room, but with great clarity and articulation too.  I bought it because I recently realised a 24.9" scale works for me, but I wanted something more powerful than my Martin 000-18.  Unfortunately it seems the nut width is just as important as scale length, and I find the 1 11/16" just a tad too narrow for  me (my Martin is 1 3/4").  I also think I'm more into the drier Mahogany sound than the rich harmonics and strong bass of Rosewood.

So, this means I'm potentially up for a trade or part-exchange for another dread.  It would have to have a 1 3/4" nut (45mm) or larger, and preferably Mahogany back and sides.  I'd also like to go for something a bit less high-end if possible.  A well-used D18 might fit the bill, or maybe something from the Furch/Stonebridge lineup.  Trades would have to be in person if you can get to Fareham, Hampshire.

Here come the inevitable crappy photos with bad lighting, reflections, smudges etc.  I really must get better at this…

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