P.A. System + Ligting Rig + Michrophones + Cables + Stands SOLD

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Professional P.A. System, inclusive of everything that a working function band needs week in and week out.


x2  JBL PRX518S 18" Self-Powered Subwoofer System 1000w

x2 JBL PRX515  15" 2-way self-powered speaker  750W

x1 Yamaha MG166CX 16 channel desk with effects + case     SOLD

x1 Mackie Thump 15  500W active speaker   SOLD

x1 Mackie Thump 12A 400W active speaker

X3 pair  of different stands, so that you can fit in rooms with low sealing

x1 KAM powerboat lighting rig + stand + case

x2 ADJ Tripar Profile Plus light + special attachment

x1 Shure Drum Kit Mic set

x2 Sure Beta 58

x2 Sennheiser E606 Dynamic Guitar Microphone

x2 K&M Boom Mic Stand

x1 K&M music stand that fits on mic stand

x6 10 metres 4 sockets cable reels

all of the necessary XLR cables -high quality, Neutrik plugs, Evolution XPC OFC Professional Michrophone Cable-

all of the necessary cattle leads



All in good working conditions.


We are a professional function band, but we'll be going  our separate ways in the near future. If interested, please get in touch, you may be able to come and see us playing, and you'll hear/see the gear in action.


May consider selling few items separately.





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