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Slight change of focus.

The lack of numbers for this mean that I'm going to cancel the various events that were lined up to happen alongside the jam/playing stuff.  They'd just not be credible.   Persuading a business to come along to a mini-show, where the "UK's biggest" guitar forum is having a big birthday bash with 50-odd members around is hard enough.  Selling that when its 20 mates having a jam in a studio is somewhat harder.  It'd not be worth their time.

The planned live stream and press involvement won't happen either.

@Legionreturns has done a lot of prep work for the studio & gig events and they're OK to go ahead (as long as not too many withdraw!).  Looks like @bridgehouse is happy to re-take control of the setlist planning too, so all the background organising ball ache is covered.

So ...

Re-titled this thread and carry on!

Right then, time to make this official and get dates in diaries.

[edit, no longer "party"]

Before anyone asks Hudderswhere, I'll just point out that  Huddersfield is pretty much equidistant from 9 of the 10 largest population centres in the UK, midway between London and Edinburgh/Glasgow, and midway between east & west coasts.      The objective was to pick somewhere that many of our members could get to (not just those South of the M4!) that had the right facilities, with some local knowledge to help us organise the weekend (thanks again  @Legionreturns !)

[edit, no longer "party"]

The main activity will be a load of formal (setlisted) and informal jam sessions, all of which can be properly recorded, a lot of gear show-and-tell-and-lust,

edit, no longer "party"]

Full events details will be confirmed closer to the time.

On the Sat eve, we've got a private club booked for beer & barbecue and some entertainment to be provided by theFBBand.

People are welcome to attend on Sat only, on Sun only, or both days.  We're looking at sourcing some local accommodation at preferential rates, which we can confirm when we know the numbers who want to stay over.

Numbers are limited (just because we can't fit 100 people in the studios), so we can have 40 people there each day.

I'm going to book this in three lists.

List1:  20 spaces:  people who want to attend both days.
List2:  20 spaces, people who want to attend Saturday only.
List3:  20 spaces, people who want to attend Sunday only.

If lists 2 and 3 aren't fully booked when all spaces on list 1 are taken, then I'll release some of the day-places to people wanting to attend the full weekend.  For those travelling any distance, it's obviously going to make sense to stay for both days, and 

There is a cost to this - it's not just bring-a-bottle

£40 for the weekend
£25 for the single days only

PPG/F&F to

Note that your accommodation and beer (and food) is on top of that cost.

There's already been a thread running with people expressing interest, so this is open to them first - and I'll tag each of them in the next post.

The third post will keep a list of confirmed - and paid-up - attendees and a reserve list if that becomes necessary.

And thanks also to @Bridgehouse who's helping me organise all of this ...
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