Seymour Duncan YJM Fury Single Coil Set and YJM Speed Volume Pot

In the interests of clarity, I’m not a fan of Mr Malmsteen – that’s not to knock him at all, the man can play like a mo’fo, but it’s all a little too samey for my taste.


However, I was after a beefier – and noiseless - single coil set to go into my US strat (vintage white, maple neck and board).  I looked at BKP and spoke to Tim who was a great help, but they couldn’t provide what I was after. 


Then I found the YJM Fury demos on YouTube which seemed to fit the bill.  I was lucky enough to find an open box set at Peach Guitars a couple of weeks ago, and as it was my birthday, Mrs DeLorean treated me to them.


Whilst researching pickups, I had also stumbled across the YJM speed volume pot (has some sort of lube in it for frictionless, fast turns), so I had ordered one of these before I had even decided on the YJM Fury pups.


Fast-forward a week and my local tech has installed the pickups, the volume pot, and added a treble bleed for me.


First impressions of the pickups – I’m blown away.  It still sounds like a strat, just a bit more ballsy.  That single coil quack is still very much present in positions 2, 3 and 4.  The bridge position is meaty and takes overdrive fantastically – through my Blackstar Series One S104 (6L6) I’d be hard pushed to know it was a single coil once kicking in the drive channel.  The bridge also cleans up really well and is very articulate, as you’d probably expect for a YJM signature pickup.


The neck pickup is lovely – singing lead lines and just beautiful for clean and clean-ish tones when in position 4 along with the middle pickup.


The speed volume pot is just extraordinary!  I’ve never used anything other than a standard volume pot, so wasn’t sure what to expect, but it’s so useful!  I can kill my volume in a tenth of a second with just the slightest flick of my little finger – Just to point out, I never had an issue with a regular volume pot, and never thought it took a long time to turn my old pot, but I’ve seen the light!  All my strats will get this mod going forward.  Works brilliantly with the treble bleed mod too.


Thank you Mr Malmsteen – I don’t like what you do, but thank you. =)

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  • deloreandelorean Frets: 201

    Used this guitar at gig level last night for the first time.   The pickups aren't completely noiseless, but are way quieter than a regular single coil. 

    Sounds killer at volume with a splash of OD =)
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