The Official Sasquatch (Huddersfield) Jam Songlist Thread - Note New Rules!!

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(@darthed1981 is running this thread and getting the list together - please be nice to him!)

All – thankyou so much for your patience.


As you know, the song choices are a key part to getting the Jam days to work. You will also probably figure that getting a consensus on 20 songs is pretty damn hard! So I’ve been trying to work out the fairest way of doing it and making sure we try to please the largest number of people possible.


Much as I don’t like being Benevolent Dictator, I think for the final list, I need to at least be arbitrator or referee.


So – here’s the plan.


I’d like everyone to re-post their suggestions in the following format:


Paid/Not Paid (delete as appropriate)

Experience level (Pro, Regular Gigger, Occasional Live Player, etc..)

3 song choices and for each one:

Song title, version you want (artist etc), your preferred instrument (lead, rhythm, bass, drums, vox etc)


Comments can of course continue – I don’t want to kill the enthusiasm! But you are limited to 3 choices to think hard and choose wisely!


Once we have 3 choices from each jammer, we will corellate a shortlist. This will be based on the following:


1.    If you have paid up, you get priority (encouragement to pay and less likely to have your song picked then pull out or not turn up)

2.    We will reserve 5 songs for Jam Virgins so they can have a go at something that’s their choice

3.    We will then choose 5 Easy, 5 Medium and 5 Hard songs to try to cater for as wide a range of Jammers as possible


This list will then be published and we will open it up to slots being filled – if one is really popular we will run it twice and potentially drop an unpopular one. 




Initial song suggestions will stay open for 1 week – if you haven’t inputted by then, then tough :)

We will turn round the short list as soon as we can. 

We will then publish it and leave it open for a week for minor changes and comments from you all etc. but my decision will be final.

Songlist will then be static and slots opened

It will only change IF one song is unpopular/another popular


Any questions, let me know!

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