SOLD Made in Japan circa 1970s BM Mammoth Jumbo Acoustic Guitar

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BM Mammoth.
In fairly tidy condition considering its age. Some knocks and dings. Very playable and a good looker.

I am advertising a number of guitars, amplifiers and guitar related items that have come up for sale due to their owner passing away. The family selling them do not play or have knowledge about instruments. They found then contacted me through my Guitar Tuition page on Facebook and have asked me to act on their behalf. I have agreed to help them out as best I can.

So please direct all queries to me in the first instance. When you are at the point of wanting to try / buy I will arrange and provide a direct contact number for Harry who will take it from there and arrange days / times to call.

All the instruments are kept in Stillington just outside Stockton-on-Tees.

I was told that the owner played in a band so some of the guitars and amps have been gigged. I was also told that he was very particular about maintaining his equipment and it shows in the condition of most pieces.

I got about two hours to check all of these items over so have not fully tested them out, just a quick once over and plug in. I will be as honest and genuine in describing their condition as those circumstances allow. Apart from some minor play wear and some dust from storage, there will be very little need for much more than a clean, change of strings etc on the guitars. Most of the guitars come with cases (hard cases or padded gig bags).

Most information is available via a web search for the actual model specifications etc.

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