FS/T Suhr Badger 30 Head, Dr Z Maz 18 N.R Head (Red), Red Zilla Fatbaby £275, Amps £900 each ovno!

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Price of each amp: £900 ono: Cash preferred or Paypal Gift. Collection preferred from Sheffield, can meet within reasonable distance.

Trades possible: Will trade an amp for the right used American Std. Strat or Am Pro (Maybe some other models + Cash, but "not Am. Specials/Performers" please) I'm fussy I warn yer! We can argue over cash values later

Reason for Sale

Not playing Live as much now, I can thin down to just my wonderful Bogner Goldfinger, so I have 2 amps surplus to requirements. I'm more interested in Guitars these days.

Suhr Badger 30 added to thread 10/06/19.

1st Up:

Dr Z Maz 18 Non Reverb Head (Cathode Biased) No need to Bias on Power Valve Replacement.

Bought from Peach Guitars, 2016.

Demos shows how good these amps sound. Some demos are Combo, but you get the idea.





Innards: 3x12AX7's 2xEL84's and 5AR4 Rectifier Valve.

Fantastic sounding single channel amp, cosmetically immaculate and great working order. It's been gigged and transported, but well looked after. It comes in lovely Red Tolex.

This is the Non Reverb Head which does have a bit more gain than the reverb version. I'd say it does a tad more than AC/DC level gain. Amp is great as a clean pedal base, good Headroom with the Master Volume.

The included Footswitch is a boost function. I have tried it but never used it for gigs, bit of a gimmick really as it boosts too much both gain and volume and there is no regulation of it, still, it came with the amp, so it is included.

Regardless of the FTSWTCH, there is a good amount of gain there, put a few pedals in front for different flavours. The variation of tones from the Amp are a winner, this is mostly down the the "Cut" control. Anecdotally noted for being able to go between Vox, Fender and Marshall tones. I can't vouch for the exact truth of that, but it covers tons of ground, it won't disappoint.

The clarity of the Amp is superb, even when pushed to overdrive, you can pick out every note of the chord. The EQ is very good on the amp. FX Loop is great.

The amp is 18 watts, but it's loud enough to break your ears, don't be fooled by that 18 watt rating. The stock Valves did need replacing around 130 - 150 hours. I'm positive it was no less than that, but that is an estimate. The Jewel light Bulb did need to be replaced too at some point.

New Valves from Karltone have done quite a few hours and gigs and the Amp has always performed well. I used Karltone for the replacement valves and they recommended the spec for the replacement valves, they provided power valves more suited to amps that run hot like these do....Spec: Plate Current 30................Transconductance 7.7.

Amp Comes with Roqsolid Padded Foam Cover which is in great condition.








Zilla Fatbaby 1 x 12 (Open/Closed Back), Loaded with a Celestion Heritage G12H (75) (30 Watt Speaker)

Reason for Sale: Not gigging anywhere near as much and it may help move on my Dr Z Amp if I sell the Matching Colour Cab with it. I have my Oversized Bogner 2X12 anyway.

Bought in 2016. Photographed without removable panel, but I have the panel available. You will need screws though as they were mislaid, sorry, but it should be no biggie to get screws.

I had this made with slightly less depth, 320mm instead of 360mm, all other dimensions standard to the model. It's a long story.

Fantastic Quality 1X12 Red Tolex Cab, can be purchased separate, but I would prefer to sell as a a "Rig" along with the Dr Z Amp.

Immaculate Condition, comes with Roqsolid Cover (a mark on top of cover, but otherwise good). Served me well for plenty of gigs, so speaker nice and broken in (30 Gigs + 30 rehearsals approx), sounds awesome.

£275 sold separate

£1150 sold as a "rig" with Dr Z Amp or Badger Amp (£900 Amp and £250 Cab)

Cash preferred or PPG. Collection only (may meet within reasonable distance). Location, Sheffield.

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Suhr Badger 30 Head, Mk 1 Version (Cathode Biased) No need to Bias on Power Valve Replacement.

Bought in 2016 from G.G

Amp is cosmetically immaculate and is in fantastic working order. It has been a very reliable gigging amp and has been taken care of very well as I always treat my gear carefully.

Single Channel 2XEL34 Power Valves, very loud, lovely tones, great power scaling feature, can get pretty quiet and saturated for playing at home. However, this amp has been used more at a volume it was intended for. Amp takes pedals very well and sounds great on edge of break up pushed with good O/D pedals. Great FX Loop

Plenty of great demos on Youtube of this amp.

The first demo gives a good example of it's Headroom and stages of gain achievable.





Comes with it's own original Black Cover.




The Amps are still used periodically so they don't sit idle too long.

Any Questions, ask away.

"We don't want more people from Sheffield flying away on cheap Holidays" Oliver Letwin 2011.
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