Boss RV-500 or Big Sky?

Jonathanthomas83Jonathanthomas83 Frets: 2331
edited March 11 in FX
Looking for a decent all rounder and was a big fan of the Big Sky. I'm still of the opinion that the WET and Flint, and even some of the new Kemper reverbs are nicer it got me thinking of a reverb pedal that offers the same sort of options that the Kemper does, to tone shape like the Kemper and potentially match the nuances of the WET and low end of the Flint...which I was never able to truly do with the Big Sky, but have got close with the Kemper ..due to the advanced set of parameters available.

Enter the RV-500...I've been impressed by the demo's but am interested in people's thoughts on real life sounds/use/ownership. Cheers.
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