FS - Trex Alberta, Carl Martin Plexitone, Xotic AT BB - further cheapness!

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Clearout time! I`m in Lyneham, North Wilts if you`d like to come and try.

All these pedals have velcro on them!

T-rex Alberta - great TS type of pedal, well used but fully working. No box. Think these might be collectible now? - £75 NOW £65 NOW £55


Carl Martin - Plexitone low gain single. Boxed with velcro on bottom. Almost new. Used twice! £85 NOW £80


Xotic Andy Timmons BB Preamp - boxed with all the bits, including the AT Plectrum. Velcro on bottom. £95 NOW £90


If I`m way off with the prices pls let me know!


JHS Calhoun - £sold £140
Xotic SP comp - £sold £85
Boss DD3 - £sold £65
Boss SD1 - £sold £30
Boss OD3 - £sold £45
TC HOF mini - £sold £30
Bogner Blue - £sold £140
Fulltone 70s- £sold £85
Visual Sound H2O - £sold £35
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