The Antiboost pedal - reverse psychology

After trying several different pedals to get a slight boost in level for solos i’ve decided a bit of reverse psychology is the way to go. This new design of mine is completely backwards to how a normal one works . When it’s off the light comes on and you get a solo boost ... when it’s on the light goes off and you’re back to your rhythm level. The pot adjusts the difference between the two levels. 
Because it starts with an attenuated level and then simply puts it back to where it was before for a boost it doesn’t push the front end of the amp any harder and so doesn’t colour the sound at all or distort the amp any further like other boost pedals can do. 

I built  buffered and passive versions but have put the passive version on my board as most the pedals on my board are buffered so another buffer is pointless. Works a treat 
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