FS/FT: £140 Vintage v6m24 shred/rock guitar with Wilkinson hardware SOLD

carloscarlos Frets: 1734
edited August 2019 in Guitars £
Pretty good condition - no dings I can see, light scratch on the 4th fret. 
I put some stickers and new knobs to give it some colour, but I have the originals. One of the pictures shows what it would look like if you swapped back. RRP £339 last time I checked.
Will consider trades! Would love something short scale, i.e. 24" like a Mustang, a Jaguar or a Revelation TSS. Or perhaps a cool Tele or an LPJ a Strat with a 24.75" neck? Can throw in a good chunk of money to even the trade, too. I'm in EN8.

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