SOLD 2 x DB Technologies Flexsys FM8 Coaxial Live Foldback Monitors. (Perfect FRFR solution)

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I have 2 of these for sale which I've been using as a stereo monitoring solution for my Fractal AX8.

They will also work fantastically well as general foldback monitors.

These are really great sounding speakers that are really pokey for their size. 

Condition wise they have a few knocks and bumps from being used. One of the speakers has a fitted zipped cover (The zips tends to stick a bit) the other one does not. Both work perfectly fine. 

I assume one is slightly older as the link output is a Jack connection whereas the other one is an XLR.

These also have various DSP options depending on how they are being used, which can be selected using the dial on the side.

Link to the manual below which explains all the features:


Looking for £150 each for these.

Postage might be an option if I can source a box. They are around 10kg each so contact me for a postage quote.

I'm located in Carlisle if you wanted to collect.

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