Interesting Tele with B-bender! SOLD

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Time to move this on as the circle of gas has brought another guitar into the stable..

Got a rather interesting guitar up for sale.

Its a no-name telecaster, with Ash body, and maple neck.    The body has a veneer on the back.

I've basically customised the hell out of it with some help from a local luthier who actually did most of the work!

Tuners are Wilkinson locking tuners
Nut is a graphtech nut
Neck humbucker is a Vanson
Bridge pickup is a Irongear steel twin II
new pots (500k) and 3 way switch.  I think I even replaced the jack socket as well.
bridge is a wilkson compensated bridge.

Also put on a hipshot B-bender with drop D lever as well.

Parts are all new apart from the b-bender but I don't think it had been used much or at all when I got it.
0 fretwear.   The pickups work well together, the humbucker is quite  a low output whereas the steel twin sounds fecking wicked in the bridge.

Its not quite finished at the moment, and does need a little more work.  
1. there is a bit of fret buzz on the lower strings further up the neck and it needs a proper setup.
2. nut is slightly wider than the neck.  the replacement is a standard tele graphtech nut and sticks out slightly.
I willl see if I can find the old nut and include that. 
3. The luthier guy cut the scratchplate and it is a little bit rough at some of the edges but not noticeable.
4. The original pots were mini pots, so the luthier widened the cavity where the new pots fit very slightly.
5.   The soldering could probably do with a once over!

I'd ideally like to sell the guitar as a whole, but if no-one wants to buy it as it is will start to part it out.    The b-bender will come off as its just fixed by a couple of screws.

Looking for £265 including delivery to the UK for the whole caboodle.
£165 without the B-bender


I'll probably look to detach the neck before postage.   I live in aberdeenshire but work in somerset and that is where the guitar is so if someone wants to try it/pick it up then thats fine.

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