WTB: Left-handed MIJ Les Paul (Burny, Greco...)

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Hello everyone,

2020 has brought an itch for a new guitar and I'd love to get my mitts on a MIJ LP custom. I've passed a few of them in the past and I'm looking to rectify that mistake

Any left-handers out there? I'd be most interested in either a Burny or Greco made one (EGC500, RLC70 range for reference), but am open to any offers. SGs are also welcome, so are other brands of the ilk, such as Antoria, Ibanez, Edwards, Sunrise, specially the stuff from the 70's as I'm a nutter for that era and all the Norlin style idiosyncrasies

I'm located in Slovenia, EU and am willing to pay for the shipping costs. Might consider trades.

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