Quality of monitor audio between a Boss GT-001 & an entry level AI (ie Focusrite)

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Hello strangers - I hope you're all doing well.

I've recently picked up a pair of Yamaha monitors as I'm spending way too much time behind my PC nowadays, and the sound has just floored me on several occasions. Having to sit in one paritcular spot to get the best sound isn't really an issue when you're glued to that spot anyway, so I've really enjoyed my time with them while listening to music, but also while dabbling with guitar & my MIDI controller.

I was wondering, though... In terms of pure output quality, presuming the same file played off the same system, would there be any perceivable difference in audio between something like my lil GT-001 & an entry level AI? I'm only guessing here, but I'm thinking the difference in the digital to analogue converter quality is the major thing that could potentially have an impact on sound quality... I've little to no idea, though.

There are other reasons why I want an AI of course, but this is something I've just really struggled to find an answer for online, & as such, I'd greatly appreciate any input.

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    Different DACs (digital to analogue converters) run on different chipsets and run different code. Presented with the same input data there is likely to be a subtle difference (or even not so subtle) between two different DACs and the analogue waveforms they produce. But different DACs also have different audio components inside them so they can send out an analogue waveform, so the analogue components inside might also be having an impact. 

    It's a rabbit hole. 
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