Sold: Henriksen Jazzamp 112

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Picked up this lovely 1x12 Henriksen Jazzamp from one of @Sammy 's friends a couple of months ago. It's a superb, exceptionally loud (if need be) clean amp and even works well with a bass guitar. 

I've got enough 12" cones in the house so am looking to either sell it or trade down to another Henriksen/Quilter 6 or 8" amplifier, with cash adjustment as necessary.

Current Henriksen lineup for a similar size amp is about £1100 (the bud 10 has two channels and is a bit more)

The amp cost me £375 plus a 10 hour round trip and diesel so I'm asking £400. Based in Swansea. Happy to post safely at cost.

In the last photo you can see where the handle has started to tear but these are easily sourced and does not affect the function or strength of the handle.


IMG-8631 IMG-8632 IMG-8633 IMG-8634 IMG-8635
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    Can vouch for the amp, as have played through this myself and I own a Henriksen Bud. Henriksen are really great combos, he bought this off a good friend of mine, who needed to thin his amps down as his wife told him he can't play them all at once! ;)
    It's a really good price and would recommend this model to anyone playing Jazz, Blues, Country etc, plus they take pedals well. As DB has said you can even play bass through this 12" model!
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