SOLD: TonePros Gibson Kluson Deluxe tuners

lentolento Frets: 103
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Originally on a 2013 Gibson '61 RI 'Original' but replaced with locking ones and sold ...
These are as new condition ..
£40 ppg posted

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  • lentolento Frets: 103
    Back up for sale:

    The new TonePros Kluson “B3” Series was inspired by today’s professional guitarist wishing to retrofit newer guitars (and older instruments that have been modified) to fit the holes of the Heavy/Bulky tuners, and return them to a more vintage weight & mass tone.  TonePros technology now makes this possible with hi technology & quality, with a new 15:1 Tuning Ratio, hi technology & quality gear components, and the tightest tuning feel of any tuner of this format. The TonePros Kluson “B3” Series fits any guitar with the 25/64ths Large Hole/Bolt Bushing format without modification.  The “B3” Series comes with the same vintage “Butterscotch Keystone” buttons of the “33” Series, and is the answer to the professional guitarist’s need to return to the vintage weight & mass tone format while improving tuning performance with vintage appearance.


    • Hole Size: 25/64ths US or 10mm Metric
    • Bushing Style: Bolt (Grover Size) Bushing
    • Tuning (Gear) Ratio: 15:1 Ratio
    • Button Shape: Keystone
    • Button Color: Vintage Butterscotch
    • Housing Design: 60s Double Line Kluson Deluxe
    • Utilizes same mounting screw hole locations as Vintage Kluson tuners
    • Nickel Finish
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