Boss BB-1x

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Drew_TNBDDrew_TNBD Frets: 22420
Our bassist just bought one and we spent the whole day playing with it pretty much. It pisses all over the Sansamp that he has. I'm starting to realise that I really hate the sound of a sansamp. When it's set clean, it just fucks the low-end... and when it's set dirty, it sounds like a fart in a beehive. Utter tosh imho. The Hartke VXL Bass Attack I used to have was way better.

But the BB-1x is really really nice. The high-gain tones it does are very reminiscent of that Karnivool bass tone that everyone loves, and it has clarity and definition for days. It doesn't get muddy like the Sansamp and it doesn't fuck your low-end at all. Really impressed.
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