SOLD 1940 Banner Headstock Gibson J45 £5,200

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This old gal is my prize possession but my kids are really feeling the pinch so she's up for sale, and before anybody says 'thats expensive ' ive seen a few things on here around this price and i trust people on here so here goes

Firstly, most importantly- the sound - well i could go on ( it is amazing ) but if your'e interested in this, you'll know. If not, just you tube it or ask anybody who knows about the best Gibson era acoustics or read the book.  Dry, balanced, powerful, whispers and roars, and makes you feel like playing till your fingers bleed. 
Secondly - playability -- absolutely bang on , neck is big but not massive , action is  low( 3 mm 12th fret low E , 2.5 mm high E )and perfect  all the way up frets have some honest wear on B and E but nothing to affect playability , fingerboard has wear but no more than you'd expect and certainly not significant. Incredibly light, ( makes you realise the fundamental flaw in a lot of modern acoustics ) No fancy torrefied timber, just 70years of life and playing.   
She's worn in all the right places, neck, soundboard etc, and has loads of finish missing.  She has a couple of cracks on the front and the back but they aren't through and are completely and very clearly stable . No side cracks or seam cracks at all. All braces are tall, thin, original and secure , as is the original maple bridge plate. The bridge is a beautiful replacement and the neck has been recently reset and the action is perfect. Tuners are original three in a line with black pegs, nut is original   and she stays in tune all the time . No top bellying, no refinishing. Oh and theres a hole where the bottom strap button used to be !
Its a very honest, soulful guitar which oozes history and has been maintained and set up perfectly will outlast anybody who buys her. Comes in a perfectly fitting Hiscox case.
I bought her from Tony at Replay Acoustics several years ago ( amazing place, amazing chap) 
I dont want swaps, offers , part ex or anything, ( except maybe post sale counselling.) There are no better acoustic guitars in my opinion. Ill have to console myself with my Banner LG2  and L70 and the knowledge that the money ( if anyone wants her and can afford her  ) is going to help more important things. 
I'd expect anyone serious about this to come try it and collect it . But please don't come just to try it if you cant afford it. It's painful enough as it is ! Just cash or bank transfer.
Im just off the M1 between Chesterfield and Sheffield. Her name is Old Smokey  

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