Heistercamp guitar straps.

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I bought a second guitar a few weeks ago and decided I'd need a strap for it so I didn't have to keep chopping and changing between the guitars - which have different strap locations etc.

Online research got me to the Heistercamp website, and eventhough I didn't want to spend that much, I decided I had to have a strap from them and ordered a padded "Hawks Tor" in havana leather with wine leather lining and antique brass hardware. It arrived a week later and was so well made and fabulous I just had to buy another strap - this time a "Hawkes Tor" in black with marine suede lining and silver hardware to complement the black and silver guitar.


Both straps are wonderful. They are made bespoke to my spec out of quality materials. They may have cost three or four times what a good mass produced fabric strap would have done, but in my book, that makes them very cheap for what you get, and a mass produced strap very expensive for what you don't get.

I can't recommend them more highly.
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