Mesa Boogie IV Widebody and matching Closed Back Ext Cab - may trade for guitar

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Hi All,

MKIVb Widebody combo in really good nick, footswitch, cover, Black Shadow Speaker, extremely versatile amp, could possibly do with a revalve, hence the price - £700..

Also, Widebody 1x12 Extension Cab, from a MKV by the looks of it, soft cover, in really good nick again, the closed back and porting to the front gives it the Thiele vibe in as much it adds a decent amount of thump to your sound, I'm in 2 minds as to whether I should keep this or not, but then the vain side of me says I should buy a proper Bogner cab to match my new Shiva!! - £350

I'll let the both go for £900 which is a steal IMO, this amp will do anything, and with both cabs running, will drown out most things too!!

Postage would be a pain in the arse, but happy to arrange meet somewhere.

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