FS: 1974 Yamaha FG180

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Beautiful guitar, I'm only the 2nd owner but I've don't play acoustics much anymore, and am not as much into Elliott Smith as I used to be, but when I heard this awesome acoustic tones I could hardly believe they were done on a cheap old Yamaha. THis is a 1974 made in Taiwan Yamaha FG-180.

This guitar is the same make and model, and i think it's even the same year as Elliott's. Comes with original Yamaha acoustic hardcase. It's all stock except for the bridge saddles which were upgraded to ebony on the bass stings and buffalo horn on the treble strings ala Neil Young. The guitar sounds like a tank! It's really loud with beautiful growly deep bass and smooth trebles. It's has a real attack to it's sound and I'd keep it if I strummed it more than couple of times per year. No real scratch marks to report, it's in mint condition. Action is good at 2mm and there's more room on the truss rod to adjust further if needed. Looking for £400 but am open to offers

Pictures to follow soon.
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