FS: Strymon Blue Sky, TC Flashback 2, Digitech Digiverb, TC Blood Moon...

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The never ending cycle of pedal purchase and selling continues...

  • Strymon Blue Sky reverb - been to'ing and fro'ing on selling this one for ages as it's stunning, but I think it's time to move it on. Industry standard top notch reverb with pre-delay knob and mod and shimmer settings. Comes with box. SOLD
  • Old Blood Noise Endeavours Procession reverb (V1) - fantastic verb which has integrated flange, filter and tremolo effects. Particularly brilliant with high mix and tremolo for some lovely ambient stuff. Comes with box.  SOLD 
  • TC Electronic Flashback 2 with MASH - stunning delay from TC with looper, tape, analog, crystal, reverse, 2290, mod, 3 Toneprint slots and so much more - plus the MASH which acts as an expression control. The switch has a slightly 'gritty' feel but still works fine. You need to do short, sharp steps to turn it on and off, and then press very slowly to use MASH.  £75 posted SOLD pending payment 
  • Digitech Obscura delay - amazing 4-mode delay with lo-fi, tape, etc, and fantastic tweakable controls using the double knobs, including things like 'degrade' etc. Amazing pedal and nicely small too! SOLD PENDING PAYMENT
  • Digitech Digiverb - wonderful reverb pedal with several settings from your regular plate, hall, room and spring, to church and reverse. Doesn't overpower your sound either. Great condition. SOLD
  • TC Electronic Blood Moon phaser - cracking phaser with very rich tone and lovely swirly phasing. Barely used, still with box etc.  SOLD
  • Fender ABY pedal - the red one - used once. £15 posted
Trades I'd consider (can put cash towards): 

  • Boss PH-3 Phaser
  • Strymon Flint
  • Strymon Brigadier
  • Boss DD-3 Delay
  • Boss DS-1X Distortion
  • Earthquaker Devices Data Corrupter
  • Earthquaker Devices Avalanche Run
  • Caroline Kilobyte
  • Caroline Meteore
  • Caroline Parabola
Pics of some of the pedals for sale below: 

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