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I have a box that I put all my spare pickups, ones made by mistake, prototypes, b stock, experiments, etc. It's been accumulating over the last 2 and a half years, and it currently looks like this

It's well overdue, but it's time for a complete clear out, I'll be offering these at 20% off RRP to begin.

Here's a photo of the lot laid out. If there's any closer detail you want I'll take closer snaps of individuals.

Starting at the back left, moving right and downwards.

- 9.5k humbucker bridge of 42.5 AWG wire (basically a slightly thicker sounding PAF styled bridge) SOLD

- Chameleon bridge (same polarity and wind direction as neck for HSH set up)

- Conflagration neck pickup prototype (Strat tone in a humbucker package) - this one sounded great but was just a little too weak. SOLD

- Sea Smoke bridge SOLD

- A one off PAF replica utilising vintage accurate parts I ordered in to test from the top US supplier. Vintage accurate cover, butyrate bobbins, long legged baseplate, maple spacer, 42 AWG plain enamel wire, slightly mismatched winds, 7.5k, 49.2mm string spacing, not wax potted, etc etc. As accurate as the other top name PAF replicas. £75 SOLD

- Solar Flare humbucker b stock bobbins -  had a little incident in the wax opening it up slightly on the seam. Covered to make the (only cosmetic) issue invisible.  SOLD

Unless the prices are stated, all pickups in both this post and the 11th are as follows (delivered)
- Strat - £25 
- P90 (and humbucker sized P90) - £45 Set - £80
- Humbucker - £50 Set - £95
Minus £5 for b stock items.


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