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Holy toot! 1st practice in years tomorrow.

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I haven't been in a band for years. Proper years. A couple of old pals (we're in our 40s) with a similar story have asked me if I'd like to meet up tomorrow and have a jam to see what happens.
I used to be in a metal band. Drummer was in a funk/rock band and the bassist was guitarist in a grindcore/death metal band. There's a young lad (early 20s) joining us who plays the open mic circuit so it's looking like an acoustic sesh which could be ... Interesting.
Young lad has a list of songs to get us going but they're all very 'young team'! I don't think it'll take too long before us older lot break out some grunge or metal to teach him!
I'll be on guitar and maybe singing. See how it goes.
Nervous but excited.
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