‘Boosty’ overdrive recomemdations

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I’m after some recommendations for overdrive pedals that work well as slightly dirty boosts into an amp on the edge of breakup (think Free level of overdrive) I like to use overdrive pedals for this as they tend to have control over gain and volume as well as at least a tone control if not more eq control. 

I play a plexi style style amp if that helps. I have used treble boosters in the past and loved the sound but not liked the fussy power/buffer/interaction with other pedals faff.

The obvious one is a Klone and I may get one of these as I have had one in the past and it worked great.

There is a Providence SOV-2 for sale here currently, what is that like for a slightly less than clean boost?

Peacekeeper is an option too, I had one before but used it as an actual overdrive which it was fantastic for.

Any other options I should be looking at? 
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