Seymour Duncan Dark Sun Delay & Reverb Pedal

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So I'm looking for something that does both delay and reverb for my "heavy rock"/"metal" board. Since having the Kemper, I've learned that as long as I have parameters and options to tweak, I'm able to dial in a delay tone to my taste. I also found that I mainly use Hall reverb. I am looking to replicate my Kemper Delay & Reverb setup in a pedal form so start looking for stuff...along comes the Dark Sun.

The video's sound good, and suit my needs.

I don't think it's been released over here yet, would like to know when it does as it really ticks all the boxes for me, including a display and the ability to select MS or PBM. As well as mod and HPF and LPF to fine tune the tone.  ...With Hall reverb to boot! Winner.

Anyone else fancying one or know when it comes out over here?

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