2016 MIC Epiphone EB-3 long scale bass guitar

Today, I have been mostly wasting my time, attempting to adjust an Epiphone EB-3 bass guitar into a playable condition. This was made nigh on impossible by the fact that the neck had been fastened into the body at a skew relative to the top and back faces of the body. Doesn't say much for Epiphone China Q.A.

Balancing the neck relief against the bridge height has seemed never-ending. Fret buzz is easy to provoke through enthusiastic playing. Raising the bridge to eliminate fret buzz results in an action of 4mm between the lowest string and twelfth fret. Hardly ideal on a "beginner" instrument.

The instrument has now returned to its owner. He paid approximately £130 for it. (More than it seems worth.) I read that the full retail price is almost three hundred quid.

I would like to think that the example I have seen is not typical. Unfortunately, they are probably all this bad. 
Be seeing you.
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