Line 6/ Yamaha Clinics

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I posted in the Helix thread about these but figured I would make a new thread and try and keep it up to date with confirmed dates as they come in. I'll be doing a bunch of clinics through the UK (and some in the rest of the world for those not based here). 

May 14th - Guitar Guitar Glasgow
June 13th - PMT Nottingham
June 27th - PMT London
July  3rd - PMT Manchester
July 11th - PMT Birmingham
July 28th - A&T, Moscow, Russia
July 29th - Solo, Dragomanova , Ukraine
Sept 13th - Wild Guitars, Israel

Still loads of stuff to go in. If you're in the area come over and say hi. 

I play guitar and take photos of stuff. I also like beans on toast.

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