SOLD: Nigel Forster Session King acoustic guitar

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Up for sale is a Nigel Forster Session King which I have recently acquired. I was hoping this guitar would be the one for everything I need, jazz band comping, bluegrass strumming and some slide playing. It is loud and it is awesome, but the one thing I can’t quite get on with is the thin neck. I have some issues with my left arm and find playing for long periods easier with chunky necks. However I saw this for sale and couldn’t resist as it ticks all my boxes. Loud, responsive and beautiful. This is due to the thin lattice braced top with very stiff and heavy sides, aka Greg Smallman applied to steel-strings. This results in a very loud and responsive guitar with a lot of characteristics akin to a lattice braced classical. This one is an upgraded model with an ebony fretboard and spruce top; Nigels original spec was a mahogany top with rosewood fretboard. It also comes with a Hiscox Pro II case. Everything else is as per Nigel’s spec – Cuban mahogany back and sides and the super cool distressed relic finish on the top. The nut is 46mm wide, whilst at the 12th fret it’s 58mm. The neck is depth is 20mm behind fret 1 and 22mm behind fret 9.  

The original owner had a build thread for the on AGF which can be read here:

I’m after £1,500, which is what I paid and a great deal for such an amazing guitar. I would also be interested in a trade/part exchange for something suitable for my needs. I have a box so can pack up if any potential buyers want to organise a courier.

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