FS: COLLECTOR ALERT - Concert guitar - CONTRERAS Sr. - Resonador (aka 25th Anniversary) - 1988 - 8K£

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Up for grabs this iconic & top of the line Contreras classical concert guitar for connoisseurs.

"Double top / Resonator / Resonador / Doble tapa" unique construction for the best concert sound.

It's a 1988 build, signed by the master Contreras Sr. .... obviously not the later Contreras II (son).
This model was later renamed "25th Anniversary", and remains as top of the line of this legendary maker.

Very few in the world in such good condition, without any repairs/cracks, and afaik, in the past years I only saw another one for sale (in the Netherlands, at TFOA, was priced over 10 K€, seems it sold very recently as no longer listed). Good investment in any case.

Feel free to contact me for any details, will be happy to provide as much pics and info as you need, and to discuss about a reasonable price in the 7-8K range.

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