Diezel Hagen, 24.05.2019, all tubes replaced

alseicalseic Frets: 4

I just got info from Diezel service that my amp is repaired, I had some minor issue with quiet frequency noise which actually wasnt found at Diezel (though they replaced hum trimmer), and tranformers were bent a bit so they straightened them out (Maybe this fixed the thing). I wanted to replace all the tubes so amp would come like a new one.

some noise I had, quiet one

it has a bit of dents in tolex but should work as a new one.

I still have it in Diezel Service (great service btw, fair prices, everything described clearly, quick fix), so if you do a deal before 26.05.2019 I can sell it quite cheap. Otherwise I will have sent it to me and pay twice for shipping, also it is handling 30kg for me which my spine doesn't like.

Price 1330 GBP wire transfer
or 6500 PLN via paypal (currency conversion costs a lot).


It will be available later, just I guess more expensive.
My buddy should be visiting Bedford each month so it could be also collected later in person/cash on collect.
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