Vocal tracking studio?

So, I've been trying to record stuff for ages. Most things are either already in the box or can be Helixed in, but I have a terrible problem with recording vocals - quite apart from the singing, where I live is too noisy, and I end up trying and failing to remove traffic noise in RX and I end up hating the whole thing. 

Is it possible to hire a cheap studio and go in with stems out of Logic (or even Logic files) just to record vocals? Or rather, of course it's possible, anything's possible if you have the money, but does anyone have any recommendations about doing it in London? Most studios seem to be rather out of my league in quality apart from anything else, and set up for recording proper bands. I'd feel a bit self-conscious about turning up with my dodgy files, songs and voice, but I'm almost ready to buy a day or half-day in a studio just to get the damn thing out of the way. 
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