FS: Budda SuperDrive45, Budda 4x12 And Budda 2x12

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The day has come when I must sell my Budda amps. The SD45 has been awesome and I’ve played plenty of gigs with it through both the matching 4x12 and 2x12. Never at the same time, I might add. Everything is in overall excellent condition.

Budda SD45 head. It’s a 2010 model which is Peavey era. It’s always been awesome for me. It’s currently fitted with TAD branded Shuguang KT66’s 1xJJ and 2x GT branded Chinese 12AX7’s. I have the appropriate Sovtek pre’s I can include in the sale. £500

Photos of the head, cab and covers:

Budda 4x12 cab. It’s the matching cab with 4 Phat12 speakers. It does have a couple of scraps in the tolex on the top of the cab but it doesn’t go through to the wood. £300

Budda 2x12 cab. It’s the matching cab with 2 Phat12’s. £200

Photos of the 2x12:


Happy to do a deal if grouped with 2 or more. I’m also open to offers.
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