"I went down to the crossroads" NGD: Gibson Custom 61 SG Standard Antique Teal

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Been on a bit of a Cream trip recently rediscovering the tones of Eric Clapton's '64 SG. Loving the tone so much that I had to get an SG Standard, so I picked up this Gibson Custom Shop 61 SG Standard in Antique Teal a few weeks ago.

It's a 2018 build with some light aging, checking and dings. I've been a bit meh on the colour but it's different to the regular cherry and I'm now warming to it. It's actually a pretty good match for an original 60s Pelham Blue that has aged and faded (see pic of the real thing at the bottom)

This has the unpotted alnico III Gibson Custombucker pickups and they absolutely nail the Cream "Crossroads" live tone, using unpotted pickups again is unusual and they pick up noise from the body, pick, strings and are very lively. It definitely has a vintage sound.

The neck pickup has that not quite full enough nasally mid honk sound due to the pickup position but is all part of the SG experience. The neck, fit and finish are exemplary as expected from the Gibson Custom Shop.

"'I'm going down to Rosedale, take my rider by my side" Now I just need need to nail that 'Crossroads' turnaround and solo...

Here's a real '65 SG in Pelham Blue that has faded, for reference. It's the lacquer that yellows and the Gibson Custom Shop have done a pretty good job with the colour match. 

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