Detroit: Become Human game - who has played (no spoilers)

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I guess there may be a few playing now as it's one of this month's PSN freebies.

I'm a handful of missions in and find the amount of "playing" you do a bit frustrating - I know it's a story-driven experience but the majority of the interactions are "press this button to advance the scene a few moments" and when there are legitimate choices to be made you are pressured in to making them so quickly that you can't really enjoy making them. 

And then I forgive it a bit when the end of level chart comes up and hints at whole branches of events that didn't happen because of what to did or didn't do, which seems neat.

Here's the thing though - I have zero intention of playing any if it again to uncover those alternatives because the obedient button tapping in between is too brain numbing - I might find them on YouTube and watch though. 

The graphics and sound are BRILLIANT though. 
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