SOLD: Gibson Firebird 2019 (edited- more photos)

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Bought online (from Coda) solely for the purpose of learning slide guitar about 3 months ago. Kept initially as it’s well made without the flaws Gibson is often accused of.

Its hung on the wall since, hardly played as it turns out I don’t have time to learn slide properly.

Being bought for slide, it’s strung with 11’s and the bridge height (action) is likely set slightly higher than you’d like. Out the box it was setup normally so easily reversed.

There are some marks in the nitro clear coat on the treble edge of the headstock where a string winder has made contact. I’ll add photos soon. Nothing serious, purely cosmetic and mainly visible at certain angles, obviously not whilst playing. Otherwise excellent condition and no other marks.

Hardcase is mint and the Gibson multi tool unopened. I have it’s original box for posting.

£800 + £50 courier (UPS) seems reasonable.
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