1993 Foto Flame MIJ HSS Strat £400, Suhr and Tele Sold.

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Reluctant sale time. The herd is getting out of control so, with a heavy heart, moving some on.

Based in Edinburgh and not keen on shipping whatsoever as there’s a thread every week about lost or damaged stuff! However...

R.e. shipping - I've managed to grab a box so could possibly ship one of the 2. From what I've seen, it'd probably be DHL as they're the only ones who's insurance covers musical instruments.

Descriptions are brief but absolutely happy to answer any questions or provide more photos.

Really, I’m hoping to reduce numbers rather than trade but anything interesting then hit me up. I'll probably sell these 3 then buy just one guitar to fill the void. Would rather trade up than down and not really after an amp. Not into pointy things really. Musicman, Suhr, Gibson etc. Happy to add cash if needed for something extra shiney.

SOLD - Suhr Classic Pro HSS in Fiesta Red £1600 Drop to £1500 - Sold for £1400

This is basically mint as far as I can see. Comes with the very good Suhr gig bag. Currently got 9.5s on and plays great. A shade over 8lbs. 

I’ve had it for a year or so but it’s just too... pristine and precise for me. I can’t fault it but find myself just drawn back to my Fenders when I’m feeling Stratty. Not sure why as this is built better, set up better and easier to play but hey ho, I’m not a rational creature.

Edit - new photos added to the gallery. Found the floor traveller, it's a 2015 model, ful specs included on the photo of the traveller.

Gallery -


2. Fender MIJ 62 Tele Custom £450 - Sold

Cool as hell but I’ve got a Baja as well that just seems... well, it’s sonic blue. However, this is still damn handsome. I had a Dimarzio Tone Zone put in the bridge because I’m a savage but might still have the original pickup kicking about. Had it from new and it did me proud across many gigs. Pretty low comfy action and it’s currently got 9s on I think.

It’s about 10/12 years old and, too be honest, could use a fret dress. Not a refret yet but I’d look to get a dress if I was keeping it. Reflected in the price. Got a couple of dings that I tried to get in the pics. No bag or case with this. 

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3. Fender MIJ Foto Flame HSS Strat £400

Rock beast that I accidentally came home with one day from the guitar shop. I don’t know much about these beyond some people really like them and some hate them. I just remember playing a bunch of super expensive Strats in the shop and then playing this and it felt and sounded great. One of those ‘why pay the extra 3k for a CS when this fits me like a glove?’ moments. I convinced myself I needed it anyway :-)

Plenty of dings, a replacement screw on the Floyd low E, not sure what the humbucker is. No idea what year but will check the serial and update. Currently got 9s on as I’m a wuss. How’s that for an accurate description? :-)

However, Low action, easy and fun to play, sounds good clean or filthy even with me butchering Sambora riffs. Feels light, radius is pretty flat. Cool guitar for not much £££. 

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Thanks for looking and sorry for the lame descriptions. However, will answer any questions as best I can!
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