SOLD - Vintage Laney Supergroup PA60 Circa 1971 Partridge Transformers Valve Amp

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Looking for £995. Postage would be £15 within mainland UK, and will be extremely well packed.

Vintage Laney Supergroup 60 watt PA head, probably circa 1970 / 1971.

Appears to be mostly original including the sought after Partridge transformers. Although I am not an expert on amp electronics and have included the gut shots so that you can inspect them for originality. 

Amp is in good working condition, apart from input 1 which is not functioning as it should and probably needs the pot replacing. Inputs 2, 3 and 4 are working fine. Great tone from this amp, and starts to break up nicely at higher volumes.

EL34's are Svetlana, ECC83's appear to be a mix of Brimar and Mazda.

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